I am Frank Alberti, a photographer and journalist based in the city of Utrecht in The Netherlands.

As a photographer and journalist I use writing and photography to create interesting and beautiful projects that captures the world around us. My interest lies within people, travel, culture and food. I work as a freelance photographer/journalist for several Dutch magazines like: Columbus Travel, Oneworld Magazine and Free Press Unlimited.

In my work as a journalist and photographer i try to see beyond the fast daily news and information. My work reflects this and i focus more on the people and stories behind the news so there will be a more complete narrative to tell and more understanding. Hopefully my work will lead to more consciousness of our interesting world and the people that live on it.

During my professional live I traveled extensively threw Europe, Russia, China, Mongolia, Georgia (country), South East Asia, Brazil and Morocco. This helped me understand different cultures, people and customs, especially the food culture of each country. In 2017 I decided to combine my passions for photography, cooking and journalism for a big project.

I created  a Cambodian travelcookbook, framing the unexplored cuisine of the country and its people. Photographing and documenting every interesting detail of this magic kingdom in the far east was very honorable and gave me a lot of experience. The book contains a lot of beautiful photo's (portrait, landscape & food), stories and recipes of the people of Cambodia, The Khmer. I lived and traveled for six months threw a large part of the country to collect as many stories, photos and recipes that i could find and this makes a complete image of the entire country and its culture.

The photocookbook is published in The Netherlands @ Karakter Uitgevers. The book can be bought in bookshops in The Netherlands or online at Bol.com or Libris.nl. I am now trying to get the book published in English and i am working on stories and reports in The Netherlands and abroad.

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