Song Kran in the South

  • South Thailand

    Song Kran

The South of Thailand is still very traditional and besides Phuket it is relatively unexplored. You can find tropical rainforests, deserted beaches, hidden temples and huge limestone mountains. But in spring there is something special happening in Thailand and the usually quiet south is transformed.

This event is celebrated in the streets of Bangkok, the mountains of the north and the tropical beaches in the south. It is Song Kran; the traditional new year celebration of the Thai people and it has a very old meaning. In the old language of Sanskrit Song Kran means to move and on the zodiac calendar it is the moment that the sun moves into a new period. The Thai people still traditionally visit their parents and grandparents in the countryside on this day. They ask for their blessings, pray at the temple and gently pour water over Buddha statues or over their familymembers. But in modern days the festival has transformed in a streetfestival were everybody can join in one big water extravaganza. Young and old pelt each other with water on the streets and nobody is spared. Everyone is armed with waterguns, baloons or just a big bucket to throw. There is even a watertruck driving around making sure all the people can join in the festivities and don't run out of water.