Khmer Cookbook

  • Siem Reap. Cambodia

    Angkor Wat

In 2017 I was living in Cambodia to create a Khmer cookbook with recipes, portrait-photos and stories from local Khmer People. The Khmer are how the Cambodian call themselves and they have an ancient lineage that goes back hundreds of years when they ruled almost the whole of South-East Asia. Their kitchen is hardly explored and is very different from Thai or Vietnamese cuisine. The dishes are far less hot then Thai food and often more delicate in flavor. The food I got to try for the book was always the house-special because i visited people at their own home. Cambodian family's center their day around eating so everything always tasted fresh and wonderful. The book contains recipes, photos and stories of Cambodia and its the people. So it is more then just a cookbook and will give you a complete experience of this beautiful country and its unexplored culture.

I am still looking for a English publisher so whoever is reading this and knows a good publisher or wants to publish a Cambodian cookbook, let me know. I had an amazing time exploring Cambodia, its people, culture and cuisine. Chul moi!

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